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In the last few years, I've added the skill set of hypnosis to my practice of psychotherapy, getting certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis.  I have used hypnosis with success with my long term individual psychotherapy clients:  to cease smoking, to gain healthier eating and exercise, for increased self-esteem, reduced anxiety and stress, for better sleep and as an aid for insomnia.

Hypnois is a way of using the imagination, images and metaphors and so forth, which engage us emotionally, and bypass our critical thinking, and thus empower us to change in a way that will power alone does not sometimes do.   

I offer short-term, solution-focused, goal-oriented psychotherapy with hypnosis as the treatment modality for those who want this "stand alone" service more than in-depth, longterm psychotherapy.  Our goal will be to plan for lasting change in three to eight sessions, identifying your goal for a specific target or behavior in the first session.