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Spiritual Direction

Spiritual direction is a service that I offer to meet one-on-one as a professional and a companion to speak with you about your spiritual life.  As a spiritual director, I will listen deeply, listening to your soul (however you name the deepest, truest part of yourself). I will help you discern where and how God (however you image or name this Reality) is at work in your life.  We will seek together to develop your spiritual life.

Spiritual direction itself can be a spiritual experience, and prepare you to have trancendent experiences amidst the ordinary, and to gain a deeper awareness of how God is present and active in your life in a personal way, and to assist you to respond to God who communicates personally and draws you.

I am trained in Roman Catholic theology with an M.Div. degree, and have completed a specialized training program in spiritual direction.  I am also knowlegeable about mystical maps of a soul's journey, contemplative prayer and other prayer forms.   


Although I am a practicing Quaker, persons of all faiths and spiritual paths are welcomed by me, and I have familiarity with many spiritual paths and practices, including meditation and contemplation techniques, transpersonal and mystical experiences, and I have worked with people on nontraditional paths, and have worked with persons who considered themselves spiritual but not religious. 


Typically spiritual direction meetings happen once a month for forty-five minutes to an hour, although exact frequency and duration can be determined by your needs.  Although I am trained in psychotherapy, this spiritual direction relationship is not psychotherapy, and if we determine that you have needs that could use psychotherapy as well, I will be willing to provide referrals to you.  Although spiritual direction is a ministry, it is part of how I sustain myself, and I use a professional office, and I welcome contributions for our time together based on your ability.


If you are interested in exploring the possibility of entering Spiritual Direction with me, we will use one to three sessions to determine our suitability with each other for this practice.