I work with individuals and couples.  My approach is collaborative, interactive, engaged, to be "in it with you." Sharing with someone who is safe and empathetic, and skilled and experienced, can help you know your feelings, needs and desires, and to take the necessary steps toward everything that you want in life:  relief, healing, self-confidence, a larger self, authenticity, happiness, peace, joy, depth, satisfaction, openness, meaningful work, success, creativity, and nurturing and loving relationships.   

In my almost 30 years of clinical experience, I have trained in and gained a reputation for excellence in therapy  and coaching modalities that are experiential and dynamic, that explore emotion and connection, and which help change thinking, behavior and communication patterns.  I primarily use AEDP (Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy) which I also teach at NYU Silver School of Social Work, and EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples).  My specialties however will serve, you, the unique you, your particular needs and our professional relationship.

I have joked that some of my clients come with relationship or emotional problems, and leave starting their own businesses or following their wildest dreams! I trust in the Self, the deepest and truest part of ourselves, under our defended parts that we have needed to keep ourselves safe.  Together, we can accomplish your wildest dreams--some of which you possibly haven't even dared to dream.  

How does this sound to you?  Are you ready to respond and invite me to do this work with you?

For in-person sessions, my office is near Penn Station, New York City, and for those within New York State, I can offer phone or Zoom sessions.

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Couples Counseling & Individual Psychotherapy NYC